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A hybrid system approach to air data estimation in unmanned aerial vehicles

Mohammad Shaqura and Christian Claudel

A Refined Approach for Stochastic Timing Analysis

Nathan Cox, Darius Luchian, Thomas Herschede, and Chris Healy

Thread Migration for Mixed-Criticality Systems

Alexander Zuepke

What if we would degrade LO tasks in mixed-criticality systems?

Marcus Völp

Synchronous Execution of a Parallelised Interrupt Handler

Christian Bradatsch, Florian Kluge, and Theo Ungerer

On the Schedulability of P-FRP Tasks

Yu Jiang, Xingliang Zou, and Albert M. K. Cheng

Concurrent soft-real-time execution on GPUs

Kiriti Nagesh Gowda and Harini Ramaprasad

Scheduling Hard Real-Time Self-Suspending Tasks In Multiprocessor Systems

Maolin Yang, Hang Lei, Yong Liao, and Furkan Rabee

Mapping Real-Time Tasks onto Many-Core Systems considering Message Flows

Matthias Becker, Kristian Sandström, Moris Behnam, and Thomas Nolte

Comparison of Heuristics and Linear Programming Formulations for Scheduling of In-Tree Tasksets

Thomas Kothmayr, Jakob Hirscheider, Alfons Kemper, Andreas Scholz, and Jörg Heuer

Mathematical Considerations of Linear Real-Time Logic Verification

Stefan Andrei, Albert M. K. Cheng, and Mozahid Haque

Towards a communication-aware mapping of software components in multi-core embedded real-time systems

Hamid Reza Faragardi, Kristian Sandström, Björn Lisper, and Thomas Nolte